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Project Management and Programming

QTC provides a construction professional in a risk-averse approach to help save money and advice on technical, contractual, statutory and design matters, helping to safeguard and protect you on one of the most critical and expensive decisions you will make. 

An independent project management company QTC is free from obligation to any other party, works on fixed fees (unlike construction companies who benefit by increased project costs), operates through recommendation and reputation, and by acting for the client aims to maximize resources to achieve the maximum benefit. 

Through close liaison with the client, QTC helps define the project brief and business objectives, testing the feasibility of the brief against market knowledge, and prior projects. The risk is mitigated by customizing proven project management processes to match the brief and business requirements. By use of planning, programming, management, communication, risk management and cost reporting procedures. adequate and transparent methods can be shared with the client team. 


Managing the project through planned processes enables all disciplines to be aligned mitigating risk and changes. 


Through QTC proven leadership, management, reporting, and analysis, the client have the information, assurance, and confidence required to complete the series of decisions to enable the project to succeed and meet the key criteria of Quality, TIme and Cost. 


Project Management Process and Planning for Office relocation,


Project Brief- Pre-Construction and lease

  • Client liaison and agreement on the following 

  • Business Objectives, including design, function, technical, financial and service requirements 

  • Commitment of internal company resources in services or technical ability 

  • Project Strategy and assisting in forming the employers brief

  • Schedule development

  • Procurement Strategy 

  • Project structure and organizational management.

  • Consultant and resource selection  

  • Workplace assessment 

  • Site selection, assessments and initiate surveys as necessary 


Project- Implementation, and Management  

  • Communication and Reporting Strategy and implementation.   

  • Project planning and design overview

  • Compliance with Statutory requirements

  • Identify options for design and procurement processes 

  • Budget confirmation and cost reporting including construction estimation against project brief parameters 

  • Risk management and strategy 

  • Process management of budget, programme, and design 

  • Cost Management and change order management- identification of changes and implications on costs

  • Contract Management including Construction tender analysis, value engineering, coordination and management 

  • FFE (furniture, fixtures, and equipment) tender analysis, overview and co-ordination


Statutory, Sustainability and Certifications 

  • Statutory Approvals 

  • Monitoring and programme consideration of Building Control, Planning, Principal Designer (CDM) 

  • Corporate responsibility – environmental and sustainable consideration 


  • LEED consideration – CI, NC EN from certified to platinum 

QTC has a history of successful projects and has the ability of change management to bring an evolving project to a satisfactory conclusion. Our project manager will be committed from inception to completion, help minimize disruption to your day-to-day business, and enable you or your company identify and move into space which reflects your brands, ideas and functional requirements. 


QTC works with you and your project team to deliver your vision.

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