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Cost Management 

Cost Management 

The contract will often be budget driven. QTC aims to optimise the budget and manage the process of change both before and during the project. The following is a brief synopsis of cost management 


  • Finance and Cost Evaluation – Including Pre-contract budget cost and analysis 

  • Assessment of Finances before, during and after the project. Maintaining budget controls against both KPI’s and programme, financial control remains an elemental part of any project management process, a determinant factor to quantify project progress and assess benefits.

  • Budget costs- QTC will provide budget costs at Project Planning Period 

  • Detailed Costs- will be provided on design certainty and market rate testing 

  • Monitoring Costs- Monitoring costs through the project with valuations and payments help reduce risk

  • Project Change Assessments- Assessment of changes and Schedule changes during the project will provide careful project cost tracking.

  • Financial Reconciliation and Project Closure- Financial reconciliation at the end of the project ensures conclusion of the project. 


 We represent foreign and domestic companies, our clients include multinational companies as well as small businesses.  

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