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Quality Time Cost Ltd

Our Mission

Our mission is to manage each project in a collaborative manner that eases the process, reduces client cost and delivers the quality in a timely and efficient manner. To maintain your business continuity and success through the project, a dedicated and focused project manager professionally deals with the transformation and change management with integrity, accountability, and responsiveness. 


QTC works with you and your project team to deliver your vision


QTC was founded in London over 25 years ago as a client side Construction Property Project Management and Consultancy Service company and was named in recognition of the Quality Time Cost management Triangle. 


The QTC triangle recognizes that project management processes and balance of Quality Time Cost exist in a equilateral triangle and no side can be larger than the other without incurring project risk. The circle represents the project brief or scope of works- incorporating key business objectives. The QTC triangle within many industries remains a core recognized method of balanced process and delivering results 


In response to risk, change, objectives and other external factors QTC Ltd uses Quality, Time and Cost processes to help deliver successful projects of varied size and complexity. We know what determines the outcome of a construction project and the complexities of completing the project to the clients satisfaction. QTC acts with tenacity and integrity as your strategic partner and pursue your goals with creativity and determination.  


Simon Beckett
Managing Director &
Head of Project Management

Programme Management

Experienced programme control 

History of successful Projects

Strategic partnerships with clients has led to successful projects 

Financial Control

Experience in project cost management

Over 25 years

Experience in helping global clients in London and the UK

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Tel: 07528 407866


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