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Contract Administration and Management

The contract is reliant upon information included within it. Due diligence in particularly reviewing the Employers Requirements and Contractors Proposal should not be underestimated- as this dictates specification of works, programme and establishes acceptable rates. 


QTC advises on contract information, type of contract and supporting information, noting- surveys, assessments and pre-contract analysis can determine the success or viability of any project and the ability to undertake and interrogate reports is imperative for a successful project. 


Statutory liaison is required throughout the project for compliancy and this is often outsourced to a known Building Control Officer


Dilapidations- QTC can outsource legal, surveyor representation or arrange for the project management to deal with dilapidations at the end of a lease.  

Pre-Contract Consideration and Surveys 

Surveys- QTC can outsource and recommend according to necessity outline Survey requirements – Valuation Survey (property value), Space Plan survey (help enable best fit processes), Conditional surveys, Dilapidation Surveys (current and proposed property), Party Wall survey, Structural survey. 

Validations- QTC can outsource companies/consultants to carry out service validation testing/review of plant and infra-structure services as necessary – This should help determine faults and services that may require repair, or are not fit for purpose.

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