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Design Team Management

Construction relies upon design. 


The contract incorporates the 'employers requirements', which includes the 'clients design brief'. The client's design brief should include both architectural, technical and functional requirements, which too often suffers from a  'lack of definition' of the necessary 'technical or functional' requirements. Should these be missed 'pre-contract', the cost to include them during the construction phase can adversely affect the final aesthetic design, spatial planning, and programme. 


QTC helps define the 'employers requirements' with practical and strategic advice and guidance to assist in making sound decisions that are practical solutions and consistent with applicable statutory regulations and landlords requirements


Within office 'fit outs' the 'services' in office projects can equal or outweigh the cost of aesthetic finishes, and where the budget has not allowed for the services, 'function' then takes precedence over aesthetic finishes, and the resulting office becomes basic.  


Co-ordination of services and finishes is critical to any design process. Co-ordination of aesthetic finishes with services such as Public Health, Mechanical (air conditioning etc), Internet, TV, telephony, Electrical, fire detection/suppression, Audio Visual Services, Security, CCTV, Intruder alarm, access control and access methodology with statutory and landlord requirements, Design team management helps ensure that the resource from all parties is available to meet programme requirements, that the ultimate design reflects the clients brief (in functional and aesthetic matters) but also meets statutory and landlords requirements.   Identifying alternate solutions and co-ordinated design can reduce service costs to allow greater spending on aesthetic finishes. 


Public and private sectors suffer from a poor definition of requirements which lead to project scope creep and costly changes. 


QTC has 25 years of co-ordination architectural space planning, outline design and coordination of aesthetic fittings and finishes with services and can help define requirements prior to construction, whether 'Design and Build' or 'Traditional' procurement of contractor. 

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