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Furniture & Move Management 


Intrinsically linked with space planning and design. Size of furniture, particularly storage dictates the new spatial requirements. Furniture and associated requirements (IT,Data,Power, Audio Visual, alarms, access control) is a considerable cost factor within projects. Furniture suppliers being abroad and in the UK can mean long (or short) procurement lead times accordingly. 


New furniture is directly linked to move management as the costs for waste disposal and moving are directly linked to the space-it may be more profitable to buy new furniture rather than move or store old furniture. 


QTC advises on storage audits, procurement, budget, technical considerations and furniture choices. 

w desks rather than move old desks!


Move management 

Move management is programme driven by the final move dates, completion of construction, lease or tenancy expiry, dilapidations and rent free periods. Critical dates for business in avoiding down-time and It installations. Move management is on the critical path of any office relocation. 


QTC has associations with move mangers of various sizes and can assist in programme and critical path assessment throughout the project. Sustainable methods of waste disposal, recycling and effective protection and liaison with building mangers leaving the area free for dilapidation works remain qualifying consideration for move management. 


Furniture and Move Management 

  • Finance and Cost Evaluation – budget cost and analysis 

  • Maintaining budget controls against both KPI’s and programme.

  • Tender process and interviews 

  • Detailed Costs- will be provided on design certainty and market rate testing 

  • Financial Reconciliation and Project Closure- Financial reconciliation at the end of the project ensures conclusion of the project. 


 We represent foreign and domestic companies, our clients include multinational companies as well as small businesses.  

Dilapidations- QTC can outsource legal, surveyor representation or arrange for the project management to deal with dilapidations at the end of a lease.  

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