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Contract Administration and Management

Property has an array of personnel and companies that deal with various aspects of the property process. QTC has a network of professionals that have the ability to provide a service outside QTC direct control including. 


Design and Budget requirementsre-contract Considerations

  • Space Planning and Architectural Services- new requirements and aesthetic design

  • MEP Engineers- Mechanical, Electrical and Public Health Engineers for functional design. 

  • Engineers- Structural, Acoustic, Asbestos engineers

  • Quantity Surveyors

  • Legal Advisors. 

  • Financial Services 


Independent financial planning and mortgage advice

Legal Services. 

Advertising and Property Marketing 


Project Management is reliant upon correct pre-contract facts and technical reports. The ability to undertake reports and conclusive reports for a successful project is imperative. 

Pre-Contract Consideration and Surveys 

Surveys, assessments and pre-contract analysis can determine the success or viability of any project.  QTC can assist in the procurement of the following

  •  Office/ Property Agencies- locating your premesis

  • Surveyor -Outline conditional surveys 

  • Surveyor -Valuation Survey (property value), 

  • Surveyor- Conditional surveys, Dilapidation Surveys (current and proposed property), 

  • Surveyor- Party Wall survey, 

  • Surveyor- Structural survey. 

  • MEP- Plant and equipment surveys

  • Contractor- Plant validations

  • Principle Designers- 

Validations- QTC can outsource companies/consultants to carry out service validation testing/review of plant and infra-structure services as necessary – This should help determine faults and services that may require repair, or are not fit for purpose.

Construction Project Considerations 

Associations with the specialists above but particularly Building Control officers and other statutory authorities.

Statutory liaison is required throughout the project for compliancy.


Due to time spent in the construction QTC has worked with a number of contractors and consultants achieving satisfactory results for the client with 

'Quality, Time and Cost'. 

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