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Our Services


We are a real estate advisory firm specializing in client side project & design management. Focusing on building consultancy, workspace solutions & advisory. Our dedicated teams are handpicked for each project based on their area of expertise. Whether its a design mission or independent advice around your newest project, our partnership approach will manage each project collaboratively focusing on allowing our clients to maintain uninterrupted day-to-day operations.

We know what determines the outcome of a construction project and the complexities of completing the project to the clients satisfaction. In response to risk, change, objectives and other external factors we utilize our in house framework and expertise to help deliver successful projects of varied size and complexity.  Promising to act with tenacity and integrity as your strategic partner and pursue your goals with creativity and determination.   


QTC through close liaison with the client and experience helps define the project brief and business objectives against feasibility criteria and market knowledge. Proven project management processes are employed managing the project and resources through planned processes, facilitating a reporting and communication strategy, cost reporting, risk and change management enables all disciplines to be aligned.


Through proven leadership and management, the client has the assurance and confidence required to complete the series of decisions that allow the project to succeed on time, to an agreed budget and meets all business objectives. 

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